Front page of SwingShoes.NetThis is an extensive website for the West Coast Swing and Hustle community in Connecticut. This website is both an information source and revenue generator. It features many aspects of what a website can do for a small business and exemplifies clear design, purpose, information, and payment options.

Dancing New Year's Eve is the website for the major New Year's Eve party in Connecticut. the event features beginner dance lesson in Salsa, Hustle, and West Coast Swing, an elegent dinner, and fun dance party. In 2013, the dinner was sold out, and there were over 200 people in attendance. 

This website is the secret to illustrating and explaining all the fun that attendees can expect when they attend this event. The website also features a registration system so that people can purchase their tickets to the event. is a unique website because it is the only unified dance calendar for Connecticut. It strives to calendarize all adult dance classes on a responsive calendar, which looks like a grid-based calendar when viewed on a desktop/laptop but switches to a list when viewed on smaller smart-phone displays.

AnnaTheTutor - Anna the Tutor front is the website for a private tutor in the Connecticut and New York City area. This site displays Anna's contact information prominently, includes a picture showing her pleasant demeanor, and clearly lists her areas of expertise, schools with which she has experience, and formal educational background.

This website makes it easy for potential clients to become comfortable and confident in Anna's teaching ability and geniality. It also gives Anna a place to post relevant news articles and blog posts about current events.



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